Experience Authentic Guatemalan Food at Muchá!

Come enjoy the best Guatemalan food in all of Los Angeles. From tamales and enchiladas to pepian and Guatemalan style chicken soup, we offer delicious traditional dishes that capture the essence of Guatemala.

Discover the Great Flavors of Muchá!

Welcome to a restaurant with a rich history of over 20 years in the Guatemalan community of Los Angeles. Our passion is to share the authentic flavors of Guatemala, prepared from scratch in our kitchen using local ingredients and some sourced directly from Guatemala. At Muchá, we’re a family that invites you to a unique gastronomic experience, where food becomes a bridge to Guatemalan culture and tradition. Come and join our ever-evolving culinary journey in the heart of North Hollywood.

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Good Vibes

Our inviting atmosphere is perfect for enjoying authentic dishes with friends and family. Enhance your experience with our selection of beers, wines, and traditional imported Guatemalan drinks. Cheers to great food and even better company!

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Cozy Place

Our place is more than a restaurant; it’s a little corner of gathering where delicious food meets a friendly atmosphere. Every visit to Muchá is an experience that makes you feel at home, no matter where you come from.

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Crafted with Care

Our homemade food is the soul of Muchá. Each dish is a celebration of traditional recipes that we have cherished in our family. With fresh local ingredients and special touches from Guatemala, every bite is a journey to the heart of authentic Guatemalan cuisine.

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About Us

Our Story: A Legacy of Family and Food

Our journey at Muchá! is a testament to heritage, flavor, and community. Established in 1994 as Antojitos Chapines Amalia, our story began with a simple vision: to bring the authentic tastes of Guatemala to the bustling streets of Los Angeles. What began as a humble endeavor has flourished into a cherished family-owned venture, driven by our passion for traditional cuisine and homemade delights.

Over the years, we’ve grown and evolved, expanding our reach while staying true to our roots. Our commitment to serving genuine Guatemalan dishes, prepared with care and love, has remained steadfast throughout every chapter of our story. Whether you’re a longtime patron or a newcomer to our table, we invite you to join us on this culinary adventure.

At Muchá!, we’re more than just a restaurant—we’re a place where friends and families gather, where memories are made, and where the vibrant flavors of Guatemala come to life. Come experience the warmth of our hospitality, the richness of our culture, and the joy of every delicious bite. Welcome to Muchá!, where every meal is a celebration of tradition and community.

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Priscila and Santi outside Muchá

What They Say

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